Celebration Masterpiece

Whatever are your celebrations, private or professional, Chef Patissier Jean-Yves will create an Artistic Masterpiece Experience. Companies and private individuals regularly commission him for product launching, IPO launching, weddings and life milestones.


Chef Jean-Yves takes the time to understand your needs to elaborate a unique hand-sculptured sugar piece that will be a delight for the eye and the palate. He will help you define your theme and will elaborate your personalized masterpiece. As an expert in showmanship, Chef Jean-Yves can also make a demonstration of carving your masterpiece and impress your guests.


An Eiffel Tower chocolate sculpture, a San Francisco’s City Hall cake and a Pisa Tower cake are among his most beautiful works of art. Lately Chef Jean-Yves created a Celebration Masterpiece for Chateau Potelle V.G.S in Napa Valley. This masterpiece stood 8 feed tall and 6 feet wide. It weighed 630 lbs and covered 6.6 square yards. The centerpiece is made of 180 lbs of sugar sculpture which represents the winery 50 year milestone. It served over 1400 guests gathered to celebrate this special event.


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Eiffel Tower Masterpiece cake

12 feet tall chocolate Eiffel tower with medallion for 200 years anniversary of the French revolution at the French Consulate.






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Château Potelle





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