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Chef Jean Yves opened his first pastry shop in San Francisco, La Nouvelle Patisserie, in 1984. Driven by his success, he then opened four other pastry shops during the 80’s & 90’s in the Bay Area, and successfully ran these businesses for more than 20 years.

As an experienced owner and Chef of five bakeries, Chef Jean-Yves understands the challenges that owners of pastry shops face every day.

He offers consulting services to help owners of pastry shops and bakeries run their business in a more efficient way. He will first make an assessment and then make recommendations for areas of improvements to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

Jean-Yves Duperret

His fields of expertise include:


Chef Jean-Yves provides you with operational solutions to:

- Make the best use of the floor plan and equipment layout

- Create optimized circulation flow

- Improve overall operations



Chef Jean-Yves assists you in developing your products and recipes to:

- Delight your customers

- Create and build your brand

- Stand out from the competition



Chef Jean-Yves analyses your production process to:

- Decrease your costs

- Reduce wasting

- Increase revenue



Chef Jean-Yves managed over 1600 employees through out his career. He can train your staff to:

- Improve product quality

- Increase operational efficiency

- Increase overall client satisfaction



Croissants and Breakfast pastries


Fruit Tarts