Renowned French Pastry Chef

Masterpiece Cake Designer

Consultant for Pastry Businesses

Pastry Chef Jean Yves Duperret



Chef Jean-Yves Duperret is a French pastry chef based in San Francisco, CA. More than 30 years of experience enabled him to master the fine art of pastry making.



He expresses his creativity and expertise through masterpiece cakes commissioned by companies, private individuals as well as celebrities. As an experienced owner and former chef of five pastry shops, he offers consulting services to help bakeries and pastry shops owners to improve business efficiency and bottom line. When he’s not making a demonstration in the Silicon Valley, you can find Chef Jean-Yves in his kitchen teaching the art of French pastry to patisserie lovers.


“He is like a painter working step by step in quick separate strokes. He does lots of dipping, dripping, glazing. He juxtaposes textures, tastes, and colors. His technique is called “nouvelle“ but his confections transcend time. Biting through one of his pastries is like doing a geological survey across the remembrance of things pasts. Marcel Proust is alive and well.”

- California Living